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iPhone 6 will be announced at the WWDC14

It has long been speculated that Apple can’t afford to stall the big-screen upgrade, and several analysts have predicted that WWDC 2014 will be the time and the place (Einstein would probably call it the “timeplace”) of the iPhone 6 launch.

It’s not just possible, it’s probable


The first argument that springs to mind whenever someone asks me “when do ya’ think the iPhone 6 will be announced” is the leaks. The massive amount of leaks that are cropping up all over the place, much earlier than expected.
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Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

Ever wanted to access your computer from your phone while out and about? There have been a wide range of RDP (Remote Desktop) applications available on the Play Store but Google just made things a bit more official. With the newly introduced Chrome Remote Desktop  app for Android, Google will let you access your Mac or PC no matter where you are. The application works in a similar fashion to the Chrome Remote Desktop screen Continue reading Chrome Remote Desktop for Android