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MWC 2015 Highlights

MWC 2015 was as exciting as ever and gave us a sneak peak at what is coming in the year ahead. Last week, we passionately headed to MWC 2015 and weren’t disappointed by what manufacturers presented. India is an important market for everyone these days and thus, you can expect most of what was showcased to show up in coming months. Here are some of the highlights .

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Why To Buy Smartphone Under Rs.20,000 In Nepal

Smartphone revolution is on a roll in Nepal  – the largest growing smartphone market in the world, and we see a trend where youngsters are really pushing the envelope and adamantly spending too much on their smartphones, taking advantage of several monthly installment schemes. While, this isn’t always a bad thing, but here we ponder on some reasons for why you should settle for under Rs. 20000.

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Lenovo A7000 announced @ MWC 2015

At the MWC 2015 tech show, the Chinese tech firm Lenovo announced the launch of the Lenovo A7000 smartphone with decent specifications. The octa core smartphone is priced at $165 and it will hit the retail shelves starting from this month. Let’s take a look at the quick review of the Lenovo A7000 to know its capabilities. lenovo a7000

Blackphone 2 with PrivatOS 1.1 Launched @ MWC 2015

Blackphone created a huge hype when it was launched some time back, since it ran with an encrypted version of Android and is a phone which should be pretty useful for corporates, security companies and armed forces. The company behind the Blackphone, Silent Circle, has announced the updated Blackphone 2 with better specifications. 

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Samsung Galaxy S6 VS Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

At the MWC 2015, Samsung made all heads turn towards it with the metallic Galaxy S6 and curved edge Galaxy S6 Edge. Both the smartphones flaunt an attractive design that appears to be all new. The main difference between the two likes in their design as the former is a traditional smartphone, whereas the latter is a curved device with two side edges showing subtle notifications.
galaxy s6 vs s6 edge