Upgrading Samsung Mobiles firmware

What is benefits of software upgrade?

Release the up-to-date software version continuously for:

  1. Improvements of performance and stability.
  2. Resolve the potential problems by fixing bugs and errors.
  3. OS upgrade and new features experience.

You can upgrade your phone your phones in following ways.

A. Recovery mode.

This Recovery Mode for Samsung is easy to boot, as you simply need to use a key combination when the phone is off. Now, Recovery Mode when running opens up tons of possibilities for its users, as you can easily do the following: Wipe data, Factory Reset, Format System, install new ROMs when CWM / TWRP Recovery is installed, install new kernels and flash other types of customization files.


Switch off the device completely.

– you can remove the battery and then re-insert it after several seconds pass by.

  1. Next, press and hold simultaneously Volume Up, Home and Power.
  2. Release the buttons when the screen flickers and then wait for the Recovery Mode main screen to appear.
    – if the Recovery Mode doesn’t boot, then you should keep trying until it does.
  3. Your device will boot in Recovery Mode and now you’re free to apply any changes you want.
  4. Reboot the phone in normal mode by selecting the Reboot option.


B.Odin mode (or Download mode)

In Odin mode, the user is able to flash whatever wants to the internal flash memory inside the phone by connecting phone to the computer via USB cable. As Odin mode is simple program (in the phone), poor user may not even flash main (Android) system, kernel, recovery system, but this is possible to repartition internal flash and reflash Odin mode itself. If something goes wrong and the Odin mode is broken (erased, rewritten, corrupted), the phone no longer boots and is hard-bricked. So Odin mode is dangerous. Because of this dangerous nature of Odin mode, Odin mode is usually used to only reflash main system or recovery (see warnings below) and if possible, recovery mode is used for flashing (as it is less dangerous).

Before you you flash odin download the respective firmware from sammobile




search firmware


Note3 5


 C. OTA(over the air) without cable

Go to Settings > (More) > About device > Software update > update

Before upgrade by OTA,

  • Recommend using a proper Wi-Fi network to avoid abnormal carrier data fee.
  • Make sure to charge the battery (more than 50% capacity) and to have the enough device memory. (at least 1GB )
  • Do not remove the battery during upgrade.
  • Do not use the rooted device.