Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

Ever wanted to access your computer from your phone while out and about? There have been a wide range of RDP (Remote Desktop) applications available on the Play Store but Google just made things a bit more official. With the newly introduced Chrome Remote Desktop  app for Android, Google will let you access your Mac or PC no matter where you are. The application works in a similar fashion to the Chrome Remote Desktop screen Chrome-Remote-Desktop-for-Androidsharing service that Google had launched earlier. Alongside the Chrome Web Store application, you’ll need to download a companion server application for your Mac, PC or Linux machine. Once installed, the application will gain access to your computer and not only will you be able to see your desktop, you will also be able to access files and folders from afar.

First inklings of such an application first surfaced earlier this year when an Android client was made available in source form. Technically inclined users could compile and use the application, however Google is going for widespread adoption now that the application is available in the Play Store. Expect to see an iOS version as well eventually though reports suggest that the development of that application trails the Android app.